Presa Canario YES. Dogo Canario? No, thanks!


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The Cyber Association for the Presa Canario dog is a organization devoid of aims lucrative composed by group of breeder, trainers, and fans of the breed of several countries, that voluntarily has been united with the purpose of fighting by the preservation of his traditional name (PERRO DE PRESA CANARIO) and his racial characteristics, that are describe in the standard approved and accredited by The Real Sociedad Central Canina de Espa˝a in 1989, in wich all the traditional colors are accepted, that mean: Bardino coats (brindle) in a range from a very warm dark color to a neutral, light and fair gray. Full range of fawn to sand-colored. Black. Sometimes he can display white spots around the neck (acollarados), or in the extremities (calzados).

In order to carry out the exposed aims, and other that can be suggested in relation to the breed and its function, the Cyber Association invites to collaborate to all those people who are interested in the project. Our email address is and our fax number is 1(360)233-0467. For example, if you have a website and want to exchange a link with us, you only have to fill in this form.

For our Cyber Association, the morphologic correction, the physical and psychical health, the functionality of the Presa Canario dog, must prevail, at any moment, before any other consideration.
First the breed, later all the other things.

"Our aim is the preservation of the breed Presa Canario and his denomination"